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10 Essential Fall Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

Fall is such an enchanting and romantic season for fashion. Deep hues, intense colours, and bold accents take over summer’s fun and flirty style. Here are some essential fall trends that are permanent fixtures on this season’s runway. To look and feel amazingly fashionable this fall, you don’t need an entire closet overhaul but just a few key pieces that will serve you for years to come. Here are some go to pieces for real women, not just supermodels.

1. Boots

A good pair of boots are the perfect accessory for any fall outfit. Booties are the perfect way to add class to a pair of jeans or rock with a skirt. Taller boots work amazing with tights or skinny jeans. The best thing with boots is that they are far more comfortable than heels and can be either dressed up or dressed down. You can grab peep toe, laced, or simple slip on boots. Go for shades of brown, red, or even purples as black boots just scream winter, and really – who needs a reminder of those months?

2. Textures

As colours tend to get duller and muted in this season, try to start experimenting with clothing that has metallic, sheer lace, anima print, or soft velvet accents. A small playful addition of different textiles either by scarves, jewellery, layered clothing can revamp any outfit to a whole new level of chic.

3. Scarf

A great scarf is worth its weight in gold. They are comfy, cozy, soft, and can take an outfit from blah to runway! Stay away from light airy fabrics and choose instead heavier gauge materials such as wool blends (not the scratchy ones) and mixed cottons. If you choose the right colour (staying away from spring’s pastel palette), you will have the great accessory for the entire season. You’ll be fashionable, comfortable, and in those chilly evenings – warm too!

4 Jewelry


Fall is a great time to bust out heavier jewelry. Large overstated necklaces, cocktail rings, drop earrings, they can all come out of hiding now. Dust off your most overstated bling from your jewellery box and don’t be shy to give it a try. Go for the big, the bold, and the funkiest this season!

5. Sweater

A gorgeous sweater can be both super fashionable and practical. Avoid ones that are made of cheap fabric that stretch out and don’t hold their shape after a single wash. Choose instead a sweater with some cable or great pattern to add form and flare. Worn with jeans and boots for every day wear or dressed up for going out, they can be chic, comfortable, and a staple in your closet for years to come. If sweaters aren’t your thing, pick up a great little sweater dress instead.

6. Military Themed Jackets

Aviator style jackets never seem to go out of style (especially when paired with aviator glasses). Whether you are into shearling or natural fur alternatives, these classic jackets can be worn for years to come. For those who prefer longer jackets, nautical themed peacoats and trenches are the ideal choice. They are great for breaking the wind, repelling the rain, and looking absolutely fabulous effortlessly. Invest in a fashionable aviation or navy style jacket to keep warm while looking super timeless and trendy.

7. Open shoulders


Fall is a the most romantic of all seasons. Choose to showcase your shoulders with some timeless fashion. Choose tops that are one shouldered, off the shoulder completely, or boast unique cut outs along the neckline. These tops are perfect to pair with scarves in the evening and make for adorable date night ensembles.

8. High waist skirt


High waist skirts never seem go out of style. Depending on your personal preference for length line modesty, choose a skirt that sits well above the hips and long enough that you can sit down comfortably without needing a magazine to cover your lap. Get a skirt that has a comfortable and functional slit so that you can walk easily as well. Great to wear with booties and can also be matched with a light sweater for the cooler days.

9. Bold handbag

Now is the time to bust out your favourite bold handbag. Whether it’s big or small, choose something that packs a bold statement. Whether it is large boho with fringe, stamped equestrian distressed leather, or classic haute couture design, choose something that is functional, can be well organized, and will compliment any outfit. Don’t be afraid to choose something with unique prints, colourful materials, and textured accent. Choose something that is right for your lifestyle too. Whether you travel, attend meetings, or pack like a minimalist, now is the time to get something that works well for you.

10. Makeup


Fall is the perfect time to try out your more serious makeup skills. Smokey eyes, intense lip tones and dazzling nail design are permanent fixtures on the runway this season. Try out palettes that showcase your mysterious side and don’t be afraid to ramp it up with a little shimmer, gloss, or shadow.


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