13 Signs He’s A Total Loser

You have met some guy and you are quickly falling head over heels. But something isn’t right and you can’t seem to put your finger on it. Is it him or is it you? Here are some things to look out for that maybe the new Romeo needs to get kicked back out to the curb.

1. Mr. Selfie Stick


His idea of photography involves he, himself, and a selfie-stick.

2. Mr. Jealousy


He gets super jealous over nothing. The vendor at the movie theatre gives you your tickets and says thank you with a smile. The dude must totally be hitting on you, right?

3. Mr. Social Media Addict


The guy is constantly on his phone texting, updating his social media status, and snap-chatting his friends.

4. Mr. Fashion Guru


He spends more time coordinating his outfit than you do. He even offers some fashion tips because clearly, you need some help with your wardrobe.

5. Mr. I’m Still Not Over My Ex


He likes to bring up his ex all the time. Obviously she wasn’t good enough for him, c’mon… no one really is. But he talks about her… all the time. You feel like she is always with you because she is like a permanent fixture in his mind.

6. Mr. “I Go Tanning”


He goes tanning. Really, tanning.

What more can you say to that?

7. Mr. Meathead


He goes to the gym to talk about going to the gym. His entire twitter account is full of pictures of him; him at the gym, him post-gym.

8. Mr. Big Shot


When he parks his car, he doesn’t care that he takes up 2.5 spots even if the lot is packed. Why should he care? As he sees it, he paid the equivalent of two cars so he can spread out if he wants.

9. Mr. Flirtbag


When your dinner comes he compliments the waitress on her perfume, not the steak.

10. Mr. I’m So Fly


Half of his car and half of his house is dedicated to a sound system that plays awful music so loud your can’t even hear yourself thinking.

11. Mr. I’m God’s Gift To Women


Without him, the world or at least the world he has created in his mind couldn’t go on. He is God’s gift to everything and everyone.

12. Mr. Hero


He insists on telling the same old stories which revolve around him being such a total hero.

13. Mr. Swear-Machine


He swears constantly and thinks that it is okay to flip people off all the time, even as a joke.


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