21 Celebs Who Openly Hate The Kardashians

1. Prince

Photo via Instagram @prince

Photo via Instagram @prince

Back in 2011, Prince pulled Kim Kardashian on stage at one of his concerts at Madison Square Gardens. To his dismay, Kim stood there frozen until he kicked her off, embarrassing the television star who couldn’t seem to muster the courage to bust a move. “Get off the stage!” he yelled at her. In a very Kim way, she took to social media trying to turn the incident into something tweet worthy by posting “OMG Prince just pulled me up on Stage!!!!! I was shaking!!!! I was so nervous, I froze when Prince touched me”. According to sources, Prince, who will forever be remembered as a musical genius “didn’t understand a lot of pop culture today. He was puzzled by celebrities Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian” ( Following the incident on stage, Prince said that: “She [Kim] is a nice enough girl but she ain’t got no talent. She can’t dance, she can’t sing, she can’t do anything.”

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