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9 Make-Up Hacks You Should Know For Summer

We’ve consulted our amazing makeup artist friends in order to bring you the best advice for summer beauty. Check out their top 9-tips for looking amazing under the sun while protecting your skin and rocking this season!

1. Lip Colour

01_Summer_makeupThink of summer as the time for lighter lip shades. You’ve got all winter to rock the deep, dark, and rich hues of the red and dark purple palettes. Aim for pinks, corals, peach and even soft melon shades for a summery finish. Tinted lip balms are also a great choice as many even offer SPF coverage to reduce the chance of sun exposure.

2. Avoid  concealer

02_summer_makeupUnless you want to feel like your face is melting, avoid wearing too much heavy concealer. Since your skin is more prone to sweating in the summer months, you will end up with an uneven finish and blocked pores. Best to use a very light foundation, BB creams, or better yet, a powder product for the warmer weather. Look for brands with a light SPF coverage as well for added sun protection.

3. Tanning is a no-no

03_summerIf you want to get some colour and feel like a real beach babe, don’t turn to the sun. The harsh impacts of UV rays will damage skin cells leading to premature aging, spots, uneven colouring, and in some cases- cancer. Look for a bronzer or tinted moisturizer instead of roasting out in the sunshine.

4. Waterproof mascara

04_summer_makeupIf you plan on being outside or near the beach, you will need to find a good all-day mascara. Avoid cheap products that will go clumpy in the heat or even melt if you sweat a little. If you find that waterproof mascara irritates your eyes, apply a coat of clear mascara as a primer and then on top of your regular mascara to seal it and avoid it contacting your lashes directly. Otherwise, checkout tubing mascaras as these are made with much milder formulas and can be better suited for those with sensitive skin.

5. Eyeliner

05_summer_makeupTry not to go too heavy with eyeliner in the summer. Not only because you have an increased risk of smudging it, but it looks too dark for the season. If you are set on wearing black eyeliner, try to at least brighten the inner corners of your eyes with an application of a light coloured shadow, preferably with a little shimmer to reflect some light.

6. Eye shadow

06_summer_makeupSummer is not the time to go showing off your smoky eye. It is too dark and too heavy for summer and doesn’t inspire the fun and liveliness of the season. Opt for lighter coloured shadows such as nudes, soft pinks or light browns.

7. Nail Polish

07_summer_makeupSummertime is a great time to show off your new nail colours. Avoid dark reds, charcoal tones, and pastels. Instead, look for colourful hues that bright, cheery, and remind you of summertime fun and feel free to experiment with textural and jewelled appliques.

8. Shine

08_summer_makeupIf you are prone to oily skin then summer time will be your nemesis unless you grab a stack of blotting papers or oil absorbing face pads. These super affordable hacks will save you from looking as shiny as a basted ham roast! Gently blot (don’t ever rub) the sheets along your T-zone and chin. They are super compact, discreet and can easily be kept in your purse for on the go spot treatments. Also switch to a lighter night cream if you find yourself producing more oil in the heat. (Sometimes, even a simple toner will be the perfect amount of added moisture)!

9. Bright Colours

09_summer_makeupSummer is the perfect time to try out daring new colours. Go for something bold and bright! Avoid dark colours (these are for fall and winter) and pastels (for spring). Choose instead those crazy electrified palettes you’ve been looking at and have fun with it! Summer is a great time to experiment with new looks!


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