9 Tips To Make You Look Your Best This Summer

Who doesn’t love summer time? The warmer weather, sunshine, bbq’s, picnics, trips to a cottage and outdoor fun? So many amazing memories just waiting to be created!


We’ve compiled our top 9 tips on how to make sure that you are looking your best this summer and making incredible memories to last a lifetime!

1. Protect your skin


Too much UV (ultraviolet) from the sunshine can prematurely age your skin and lead to discolorations and uneven texture. Further more, wrinkles and sun spots aside, you are also putting yourself at risk of skin cancer. Take precautions to limit your skin to sun exposure by wearing a hat or sunscreen, and make sure to condition your bod it after a day out.

2. Look after your hair

Yes, we all love the look of bountiful beach curls or perfectly volumous straight hair. But for many people, this involves a lot of heat treatment for straightening and curling, as well as damage from teasing, using hair pins, and colouring. If you don’t look after your hair now, you put yourself at risk for hair loss and follicle damage in years to come. If you feel that your hair do is outdated, try one of these new looks that shed 10-years off your face.


3. Eat well

It is so tempting in the summer to grab whatever is sizzling on the barbeque and stuff it back with a cold fermented brew. This isn’t a big deal if you do it once and a while, but keep in mind how much fat, calorie, and salt is in those burgers, hotdogs, and other grilled foods. Alcohol is full of sugar and an easy way to consume way more calories than you were intending to.

4. Stay hydrated

If you are keeping up with drinking lots of water then chances are, you will be less inclined to dehydrate or chug down the first cold sugary drink you can get your hands on! Sodas, booze, even sports drinks are insanely calorie dense! Drinking lots of water replenishes your cells, purifies your skin, and keeps your body healthy, especially if you are out in the sun all day.

5. Spruce up your wardrobe

It is time to bust out some colour! If you have been wearing dull and muted tones all winter, now is the perfect chance to ramp up your wardrobe and get some fun and exciting new looks going! No more boring black, grey, and navy clothes for you this season! You don’t even have to spend a lot of money doing it either, we’ve got some tips here if you need a little budget-friendly advice!

6. Get active

Summer can be a really busy time with outdoor fun, bbq’s, sports events and concerts. Be sure that you are setting aside some time to exercise and burn off all those extra calories you gulped down last night at the ice cream parlour! Take a run, go for a walk, or find a routine that works for you. If you need help finding the motivation – we’ve already got you covered. Check this out!

7. De-Fur Yourself

No one wants to be a fury monster on the beach this summer or sit pouting in their car while everyone else is having fun because you forgot to tackle a jungle of body hair. If you don’t have the time to regularly groom those lady bits then treat yourself to a wax and be silky smooth for weeks!

8. Go on a date

Whether you are with someone or still looking for Mr. Right, go out on a date! Either spend a night out on the town with your honey or say yes to your friends setting you up on that blind date you’ve putting off. Summer is a great time to get out and meet new people. Sit out on a patio, head to the beach, or just go for a drive and enjoy the amazing weather!

9. Look after your feet

Let’s face it, our feet take a beating- from our shoes, long hours standing, exercise, heat, you name it. But come summer time, there is no hiding your feet anymore! Get out your pumice stones, files, or buffing machines to bring some life back into these neglected appendages so you are confident and excited to show them off in your new sandals. If you’ve got the time, then hit up the spa for a proper pedicure and get those feet summer ready!


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