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9 Ways To Get A Stunning Guilt-Free Wardrobe On A Budget

Everyone wants to have a stunning fashionable wardrobe but no one wants to pay through the roof for it. And you don’t have to either! Here are 9 foolproof ways to get a gorgeous closet full of guilt-free outfits on a budget while being kind to the planet!

1. Avoid cheap fashion


There is always a temptation to buy cheap products. We all know the brands that produce sweat shop clothes at ridiculously low prices. These clothes often fall apart in a few washes and rarely last an entire season. Not to mention, they have been created in factories that exploit workers, including children, and are extremely damaging to the environment. If you are looking for an item, spend a little more on quality and it will last longer and save you more money long-term.

2. Off the wall purchases


If you can’t see yourself wearing this item more than once, don’t buy it. It might be the latest trend and you feel like you need to have it, but if you aren’t going to wear it, why buy it? Also many trends fade fast and you don’t want to be stuck with items that bulk up in your closet that you could never wear again in good conscience.

3. Share and trade clothes


A great way to reduce your shopping bill is to share and trade clothes. Especially if you need an outfit for a one off occasion, like a work function, borrow an outfit from a friend. If you guys can share even a few items, imagine how many more outfits you have at your disposal at no extra cost? Considering you will probably have many different events to attend, sharing clothes means you won’t ever have to wear the same outfit twice and not spend any extra money.

4. Sell what you don’t wear


We all have those clothes and accessories in our closets that we don’t want to part with. They could have been a gift, or really expensive, or mementoes… but we don’t use them. What often makes it a lot easier to part with them is to sell them. Recoup a little money and get rid of them once and for all. Shops are popping up all over where you can sell your clothes either on consignment or get cash on the spot. Why keep stuff you don’t wear when you could have more money and more closet space?

5. Buy what makes you feel good


If it doesn’t fit right away, it wont fit later. We have all bought something that doesn’t fit “just right” or wasn’t comfortable at all. Maybe we thought that we could diet and then squeeze into it, or that somehow the dryer would help it fit properly, but so seldom does this ever work out. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, right away, avoid it like the plague. It is going to end up taking space in your wardrobe and haunt you as the outfit that never really was. Save your money and move on to the next piece! Get something that fits perfectly and makes you feel amazing!!

6. Intricate alterations


So many times people end up buying clothes that need a little alteration. This is fine… but let’s be serious here – alteration takes time and money. You have to find a seamstress or tailor, try on your clothes there, get sized, then come back try it on again. This is fine and dandy if you live right next door but when the closest place is half an hour away, that is 2 hours minimum you have to invest, not to mention the money. And hey, if all you need is a little stich here and there to make something fit, then we are all for it! But if you need an entire reconstruction of an item before you can wear it… chances are you can find something a lot easier at another store.

7. Buy used


There are lots of high quality consignment shops selling hot ticket items. Designer clothes, bags, shoes, even extravagant evening wear are finding their way into these stores. If you are looking for some more expensive items but don’t want to break the bank, check out some second hand retailers. Most of these items already come dry cleaned and are ready to wear!

8. Sale items


Just because an item is on sale doesn’t mean that it is a good purchase. Sure there are often treasures hidden in the discounted bin, but there is also a lot of trash that has been picked through by thousands of others and tossed aside.

9. Source your sellers


If you are committed to sustainable fashions, against sweat shop labour, or passionate about supporting artists, then source out specialty designers. They don’t have to be more expensive, but often the handmade items are far better quality and outlast any mass-produced garment. You can also get specific fabrics such as organic and fair trade, and feel a lot better about your purchase knowing where it came from and who made it. And if that isn’t reason enough, you will have the piece of mind that a million other people wont be wearing the exact same thing!!


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