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Beat Summer Heat With These 5 Tricks For Making The Perfect Homemade Iced Tea

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a cool crisp and refreshing iced tea. If you like making your own brew, or thought about giving it a shot, here are 5 fool proof tricks to making summers favourite refreshing brew.


1. Perfect water temperature

When you think of tea, the first thing that comes to mind is generally the sound of a roaring whistle. This is a common mistake that many people make when trying to whip up the perfect cuppa. Avoid adding boiling water to your infusion, instead take the water off the stove when you see the first signs of bubbles appearing. This will ensure that the water is hot enough to gently pull the flavour from the tea leaves without burning them.

2. Select the right tea

It is best to aim for a medium bodied black tea. Try to avoid any teas that have lots of artificial or even added natural flavours. Select a simple black tea that you can infuse with your own flavour such as honey for sweetness, mint or lemon balm for refreshment, berries, peaches or citrus for a zesty seasonal taste.icedtea1

3. Avoid tea bags

Tea bags are convenient and work well in a pinch, but if you want a really refined and full bodied iced tea, opt for loose leaf. The larger leaves combined with careful harvesting and small farm production really make a huge difference for flavour. Try to select an organic variety that wont be filling your cup with pesticides and other additives that are bad for your health and not as tasty for your palate.

4. Don’t over steep your tea

Some people want to skip corners and toss the tea bags in the iced tea jug and just poor a big kettle of water and leave the tea leaves soaking until the brew cools. The result of this will be an incredibly bitter flavoured tea. Remove tea bags or your diffuser no longer than a minute or so after what you would normally do if you were making a cup of hot tea. This will reduce harsh flavours and an accumulation of fine tea sediment at the bottom of your tea jug.

5. Don’t add in too many ice cubes

When you are pouring your iced tea into those awesome summer glasses of yours, not to add too many ice cubes. As soon as the ice cubes start melting, the flavour will start getting washed out and diluted. If you want the brew extra cool, say for a super hot day, keep the tea in the fridge until serving and make ice cubes ahead of time out of the tea itself.


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