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CEO Makes His Male Workers Wear Boobs For a Day And It’s Hilarious!

How does a woman go about explaining to a man what it feels like to have boobs? To have big, heavy, bouncy, masses strapped down on your chest? No matter how you try to describe it, they just aren’t going to get the full weight of the situation… until now.

“As a man, how can you know what it is like to have a bigger cup size?” prima_donna_breasts

Meet PrimaDonna Lingerie, European designers of luxury undergarments for larger cup sizes and bountiful curves. Their CEO, Ignace Van Doorselaere wanted to teach his male staff about larger breasts. He decided that the best way for male employees to understand how E-cup breasts really feel from the woman’s perspective is to wear them for a day. That’s right. Giving each of the men in the office prosthetic breasts, the male staff got to walk around and feel the weight, strain, pain, and overall discomfort of a large chest.


Considering the fact that an E-cup breast can weigh anywhere around 2-3.5 lbs and up, the men quickly became very uncomfortable. The purpose of the experiment is to educate the men how essential good support is for reducing strain on neck, back, and shoulders by carefully crafting and designing bras with proper engineering. Furthermore, it reinforced the importance of creating comfortable, supportive, and attractive bras that women will find attractive and feel sexy wearing.


At the end of the day, the project and launch of International E-cup Day for men is a great initiative. Though they will never truly understand the discomfort, challenges, and annoyance a big chest can be, their attempts to figure it out are simply hilarious and great entertainment.

See for yourself what happens when you give an office of men a set of fake tits to wear for the day.

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