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Clothing Items You Should Have Ditched By 30

1. Rhinestone embossed jeans


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The only time that it is okay to wear rhinestone jeans over 30 is if you are testing your bedazzling skills in your arts and crafts course. Otherwise, leave the diamonds off your booty and opt for some nice quality denim.

2. Cheap trashy undergarments

There is a big difference between sexy and slutty undergarments. Cheaply made sleazy knickers make you look old and desperate. Time to clear out that top drawer and make room for some classy delicates. And please- if you haven’t already… get a proper fitting bra! Nothing looks worse!

3. Excessive cleavage

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Okay, everybody knows that females generally have breasts. After you turn 25, it is a lot more appealing to keep a handle on your frontal assets. Show modest cleavage only when and if appropriate, and avoid over the top bust display unless you want to look like a really “really” hungry cougar on the prowl!

4. Leggings

Leggings were designed for two purposes i) for fitness, ii) to be worn under a dress or a super long top like a thicker stocking. Leggings shouldn’t be worn out in public unless you are working out or on your way to work out, or have something covering your derriere. They look completely juvenile, unfashionable and in some cases, are totally inappropriate when worn on their own. When topped off with some oversized shearling boots or sneakers and you have the makings of a fashion horror movie.

5. Crop tops

Crop tops are totally cool…when you are a prepubescent teen on the beach! After that, they are just trashy. The odd one can get away on the high fashion runway if it is met with some high waisted pant or skirt ensemble. But again, unless you are 30 or under, crop top is a no-no, even if you are rocking a 6-pack.

6. Hot shorts or mom jean shorts

Hot shorts, booty shorts, mom shorts are just a horrible trend that should never have resurfaced. They aren’t intended for moms, they were designed for teenage girls! After 25, leave your jeans in tact and the scissors in the drawer -no more DIY cut-off hot shorts.

7. Oversized boxy handbags


By the time you hit 30, you should have in your possession a decent handbag. It doesn’t have to been some exquisite designer piece, but something with shape, style, and functionality. It shouldn’t resemble your old slouchy diaper bag or massive bowling ball. Clutches are much more sophisticated and chic anyway.

8. Costume jewelry

Less truly is more when it comes to jewelry. You don’t need a huge selection to make a bold fashion statement. Look for some classic pieces instead of stocking up on cheap fashion jewelry that is marketed to young girls. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look classy either. A few timeless pieces will get the job done every time! (Check out our list on classic pieces for every modern woman)!

9. Visible undergarments

Everyone wears undergarments so there really isn’t a need to show yours off in public. Sheer fabrics and exposed knickers are a huge no-no. Maybe those 30 and under can get away with showing off a bralette under their top, but after that age, no one takes you seriously. And exposed panties- well that isn’t in style for anyone. EVER.

10. Black leather

Hey there Charlie’s Angel! Black leather ensembles might have once been in style but they are one outfit you want to avoid at all costs if you are over 35. Reason? As facial skin starts to age, it starts to take on a crackled appearance quite like… you guessed it- leather! Black leather drowns out the colour in the face as well. If this is your go to then look for a different colour of leather or suede as a good compromise.

11. Tiaras

Tiaras are for ballerinas, opera singers, theatre productions and royalty. Otherwise, they aren’t meant to be worn as accessories for anyone over the age of 10 years old. If you really want to feel like a princess at your wedding, then that is the only time you get a free pass to rock a crown in public. If you want to have a princess tea party at home while watching old Disney movies… no one is judging, in fact- we might just join you!

12. Skinny or overly distressed jeans

Skinny jeans quickly became the rage after replacing bellbottoms and jeggings. Jeggings…even the word should send shivers down your spine. Overly tight, torn, or distressed jeans really isn’t flattering a look for anyone. After 40 though, they should never ever ever (like Taylor Swift EVER) again appear in your closet. Opt for some funky high waisted or wide leg pants that the younger girls aren’t yet courageous enough to wear.

13. Animal prints

It is time to retire the Jungle Jane look for the good of all humankind. After 30, animal print outfits are just painful on the eyes. Choose to accent with prints- shoes, purses, or scarves instead trying to appeal to the entire animal kingdom at once in a leopard spotted onesie.

14. Trucker hats


Do you drive a transport truck? Do you drive a tractor? No? Then do not wear a trucker hat! Sure they might be fun for young hipsters under 20, but unless you are growing crops, hauling hay, driving a transport truck, or working on the farm, put the hat away!

15. Thigh high stiletto boots

Unless you are Cat Woman in an alter-ego, get rid of any evidence of these. Over the knee boots are fine so long as they are flat and worn with leggings or properly fitting denim. When you add a stiletto heel to a boot and start rocking them again in your 40s and beyond… your boots simply are no longer made for walking. Get rid of them!

16. Glitter and metallic makeup

Glitter and metallic makeup is just too much on anyone over 20. Because it is so often overdone, it screams unsophisticated and immature. As skin ages, it also changes the way that makeup sits, particularly around the eye area. A little shimmer is a much better way to add a little luminosity to skin without blinking off disco balls and filling crows feet creases with sparkly goo.

17. Club Wear

Okay, by the time you hit 30, there needs to be a severe cleaning out of any short skirt or skimpy outfits from your closet. Not because you are too old to wear them, but because you should be mature enough not to dress like a tart! Go for something that is chic, classic, and ultra fashionable as opposed to cheap, short, and boobs galore. People will take you more seriously and respect you a whole lot more if you can pull off the sophisticated sexy than the cheap-barely-covering-the-lady-bits look. You know the look, the one you started rocking at bars and clubs as soon as you were of legal drinking age….Remember?!!!


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