Where Are Your Favourite TV Stars From The 90s?

1. Mischa Barton – The O.C.


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Mischa Barton already had considerable celebrity status from appearances in “All My Children”, “Lawn Dogs”, “Notting Hill”, and “The Sixth Sense” before she went on to play her most famous role as Marissa Cooper on “The O.C”. After some DUIs and a 5150 (when a person is confined by a psychiatrist out of fear that the individual has a mental disorder and are a danger to themselves and others), she took on numerous film and television roles, as well as starring in some music and film productions. Barton came into further legal troubles when she sued her own mother over a home they co owned in Beverly Hills and was also sued by a landlord for failing to pay three months rent on her $7000 / month apartment. She has had a successful modelling career with companies such as Calvin Klein, Bebe, Dooney & Bourke and also has her own stores in London. After a controversial photo shoot with Tyler Shields that , she went on to launch her own fashion lines and fade in and out of stardom while battling substance abuse, excessive weight gain, and various legal battles.


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