Forget About Putting Him In The Doghouse – Get Yourself a She-Shed!

sheshed: fabulous women’s only equivalent to a “mancave” that comes fully equipped with comfort, style, luxury, and all the girlie things you can fit in a small building!


Erica George Dines

The days of putting men out to doghouses are soooo passé thanks to the invention of the sheshed. What is a sheshed you might be asking? Well, it can be anything really that is a female inspired sacred space of sorts. Designed, decorated, and trimmed out in comfort, these micro-spaces are the new mancave for women.


Erica George Dines

Escape from the world in your personalized and perspective she-space. Enjoy the comforts of peacefulness, tranquility, and doing whatever the heck you want!!

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