How To Make Any Workspace Work For You

Whether you work in a large office, from home, or sit in a small cubicle, chances are, you spend a lot of time at your workspace. If you are like the millions of people who can’t stand the sight of their desk, why not change it up a little? With a few changes here and there, you can drastically improve your office and create a happy, productive, well organized, and inspired place! Here are 8 simple hacks to incorporate into your workplace that are sure to give you a little more joy, style, and comfort.

1. Simplify

One of the worst things that happens at work is that far too often, we end up with too much “stuff” on our desk. And not just work related things per se, but just junk! Stuff accumulates far too quickly and the workspace gets crammed, making the environment stuffy, hard to focus, and just an eye sore. Try to reduce the amount of things on your desk to the bare necessities.

2. Organize

When you are busy, you need to know where everything is fast! There is no time to waste digging around for things, whether they are office supplies, cell phones, itineraries, whatever! Reduce the clutter on your desk and use simple but effective ways to organize your space.

3. Personalize

Because we spend so much time at work, it is very important that we find something there that makes us feel happy. Add some personal flair to your space! It doesn’t have to go overboard, just a few things transform this space your own.

4. Clean

Make a habit of taking out the garbage, recycling, and anything else that can pile up in your office. A clean space is a productive space. By accumulating less stuff in your space, you are sure to not waste time sorting and re-organizing all the time. Keep documents digital when possible, and print as little paper as possible.

5. Get comfy

If you are in your office for long periods at a time, it is essential to your health, happiness, and productivity that you are comfortable! Invest in a good cushion, backrest, foot pad, or standing station if needed. Add a carpet if you are working at home and find it too cold and try to get a space with lots of natural light and neutral paint.

6. Make it positive!

Try to make your space as positive as possible. Add some personalized touches to make this place a happy space. When things are chaotic in the office, feel like you can retreat to your quiet little oasis. Bring a small plant, fish, even add some artwork or photographs if you find them relaxing.

7. Keep snacks

Keep some healthy snacks in your office. Keep water, some fruit, veggies, nuts, or healthy snack options. When you are hungry, your office will be the go-to place to find a snack. And if you’ve got plenty there to choose from, you wont be so likely to buy take out or go to the vending machine and eat junk. Set aside a snack drawer of healthy food options.

8. Get inspired

Keep your space fresh and exciting by giving yourself regular inspiration. Make your workspace a place that fosters productivity and hard work while finding pleasure throughout your day. Add pictures, artwork, plants, or reminders of exciting things to come to keep you upbeat and encouraged.

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