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Curvy Kate Lingerie Transforms Disney Princesses Into Modern Women

Disney Princesses sure get a well needed makeover and dose of reality thanks to the super creative and incredibly cheeky lingerie brand “Curvy Kate®”. Curvy Kate isn’t your average undergarment shop. Offering a collection of bras and accessories made for bust sizes D-K, this specialty retailer from the UK is revolutionizing the way we see curves, breasts, and Disney.


Photo via Curvy Kate

See how Curvy Kate has recreated Disney’s beloved princesses, with curves, sass, and a whole new attitude!

Sleeping Beauty


Photo via Curvy Kate

Sleeping Beauty has finally become a true blonde bombshell in her new look. Sporting some Marilyn Monroe curves and a sweet undergarment set, there isn’t a prince in the world who could turn her down!



Photo via Curvy Kate

Jasmine – oh lala! Looks like the magic carpet ride took her on a trip to the wild side! There has got to be some genie magic in her transformation, and we “love it”!



Photo via Curvy Kate

Tiana has finally been given the rocking body she always deserved. This New Orleans beauty  queen surely would be driving all the Bayou Boys crazy with her new bod!



Photo via Curvy Kate

There is no doubt that Beast would be doing a double take at Belle in her new form! With her curvaceous frame, she finally looks to have morphed from a child into a woman!



Photo via Curvy Kate

Pocahontas, Captain John Smith would be sailing around the world and back to sweep you off your feet in this ensemble! Looking much more natural in her new body, this gorgeous Earthy princess has really come into her own!

Snow White


Photo via Curvy Kate

It looks like Snow White woke up from her slumber looking super hip with mini wrist tattoos and an Easter egg colored bob. Maybe it took her running away from a house of 7 men and some serious beauty sleep to find herself!



Photo via Curvy Kate

Ariel, we always wondered how she managed to keep her strapless seashells from falling off. Maybe she had some amazing waterproof tape we surface dwellers have never heard of? In any case, she’s looking way better in a new halter top and some hips! We were worried if she got any smaller her tail would come off!

Transformation Complete!



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