Rules Of Engagement: Dating In The Summer

 1. What to wear on a summer date


Summer is a great time to try out some new colours and bust out your favourite seasonal clothes. Try to stay away from dark dull colours and opt instead for fun and cheery tones. Summer dresses, skirts, and even shorts can be dressed up and dressed down for any occasion.

2. What shoes to choose


You don’t have to wear super high dagger heels to look like a fashionista in the summer. If you have to do a bit of walking for your date – say to dinner or at an event, grab some flats or even wedges for added comfort while still being stylish and chic. Having to end your date because of blisters or sore feet isn’t going to be overly romantic is it? Don’t forget to take care of your feet before you go out! Scrub them down and buff them up so they are ready to show off your new polish.

3. How to wear summer makeup


So you are getting your face on before heading out on your date and wonder what tricks to whip up with your brushes and colours. Do you contour, do you non-tour, do you wear bold lips or nude? Rule of thumb for summer makeup is keep it light! Stay away from heavy foundations as these will block your pores and case you to sweat (and smudge). Lightly tinted moisturizers and shimmers are a great way to add some colour while still looking natural and not torturing your skin in the heat. You don’t want to catch a glimpse of your reflection while walking to a restaurant only to see that your makeup has run or clumped!

4. Dinner date


It can super awkward on a first date to get food because it isn’t always clear who is going to pay and what you should order. Instead of going for a full meal, you can always opt to grab a drink and if you are hungry, maybe snag a small appetizer instead of a main. Otherwise, do a little research around the area to make sure that you pre-select a few restaurants that are within your budget and cater to your dietary needs.

5. Beach date


If you’re a total beach bum or just love being close to water, going for a stroll down on the boardwalk is always a great idea. There are lots of people around and the energy is generally fun and light hearted. Keep in mind if you are planning on going for a swim that you will likely be showing off some skin which might send a message you didn’t intend. Try going for a walk on the beach before stripping down to your bathers for a dip.

6. Road trip


Get out for a drive if you are looking to escape the heat and hustle of the big city. There are lots of great day trip destinations not too far out of the city that are worthy of a visit. Try to get out and visit a new place to explore. You never know what excitement awaits you!

7. Get outside


Summer is the perfect time to go outside for a date. Going for a walk in the park or downtown, a picnic, stroll on the beach are all great ways to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. It makes dating a whole lot less awkward when you can go outside and walk around and not feel confined to the typical movie or dinner date.

8. Have Fun!


Summer is the best time to get out and have fun. Be adventurous and go out and meet people. Outdoor festivities are happening in every community. From concerts, to festivals, to local events, there is always lots to do in the sunshine. Try out new places to eat, enjoy a different patio, go for a picnic… just get out there! This is your time to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of summer. Have fun and live it up!


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