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The 9 Essential Oils Every Woman Needs

Essential oils offer a huge variety of applications in health, beauty, relaxation, and culinary endeavours. With so many options on the market it can be overwhelming to choose which oils to stockpile in your home. We thought we would help you out by providing a list of the most common and useful essential oils out there to save you time, money, and frustration!


The best thing to do before heading out to pick up your bottles is to first identify the kinds of uses that you would like your oils for. This will help you quickly narrow down which kind of oil to choose, as well as which grade. There are different levels of oil purity, for example some that are just for aromatherapy and others that are safe for cooking, ingestion, and skin application. By figuring out what kind of things you want to do with your oils, you’ll be able to choose the most cost effective product with ease!

Here are the 9 most commonly used affordable oils that have been tried and tested for hundreds to thousands of years…


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