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Life Hack: Simple 1 Step Tip For Longer, Softer, More Natural Hair

For hundreds of years, women in the countries of Southeast Asia have been using coconut as a natural hair treatment. These women, in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines are known for their beautiful long hair that maintains its natural colour for longer than any other population.01_coconut_oil1

Coconut oil is known to contain lots of natural fats which help soothe dry and damaged hair. In cases where the scalp is very dry, coconut oil can be a miraculous aid providing relief from the itching and other related annoying symptoms. It is also used as a natural way to combat the effects of dandruff and to add moisture to dyed or heat stressed hair.


Another useful application of coconut oil is for the treatment of lice, especially with kids. Many of the over the counter products that are prescribed to treat lice contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous when exposed to young children. The chemicals also dry out the scalp which can lead to other hair related issues. When applied thoroughly, the coconut oil coats the lice and their offspring. In the process, the lice cannot lay more eggs and become more easily removed from the hair by combing.

The best kinds of coconut oil to look for are the all-natural and organic varieties. An easy way to care for damaged hair or to give natural hair a boost is to very slowly warm about ΒΌ cup of coconut oil on the stove. Apply a generous amount throughout your hair making sure to target the roots and the dried split ends. Cover with a shower cap and let the oils soak in overnight. Wash out the oil in the morning with a normal shampoo and enjoy how silky smooth and healthy your hair looks and feels!


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