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What Healthy People Do Over Their Lunch Break

1. They pack snacks


Bringing healthy snacks is a key way how healthy people refrain from overeating. Instead of gorging down on huge heavy meals that leave them feeling tired and stuffed, they opt for several light snacks throughout the day. This helps to regulate blood sugar levels, metabolism levels, and keep their body fuelled without getting those exhausting crashes throughout the day.

2. They swap juice and coffee for water

lunch6Though coffee and tea aren’t necessarily fattening on their own, they tend to go with milk, cream, sugar, creamers, cookies, doughnuts, muffins… sound familiar? All the little treats and sweets that are conveniently hiding in the lunch room! They try to stick to water throughout the day as it will hydrate the body, improve skin, and reduce tiredness. They also limit coffee and tea consumption so to avoid caffeine crashes, stained teeth from acid wear, and all the excess calories from sugar and dairy.

3. They avoid the vending machines

Vending machines in most offices sell packaged foods that are full of salt and refined sugar. By avoiding these little calorie traps, healthy people stay mindful about looking after their bodies and avoid the junk food. And since they have snacks available to them that they already packed, they are less likely to gorge down on the chips, soda, and candy from the machines. lunch1

4. Healthy people fit in a workout routine

Healthy people make the time to head out of the office for a quick workout during their lunch break. Whether it is hitting the gym for a circuit or packing athletic shoes and walking around the neighborhood, they make a point to get up and moving around for their break.

5. Healthy people eat clean

One of the best and simplest ways to get healthy is to start eating clean. Eating clean means that you eat natural whole foods instead of processed, premade items. It can also be much more cost effective to trade in the packaged goods for fresh local items.

6. Healthy people bring their own lunches

lunch3By bringing their own lunches healthy people do three important things: i -They reduce the cost of their food bill (eating out or ordering in is far more expensive than preparing your own meals). ii – Control their cravings and eat clean food (if you are super hungry, chances are you are going to be salivating over that burger and fries instead of the salad at the fast food restaurant that’s beside your office). iii – It saves time (if you are on a time crunch, throwing last night’s leftovers in a container and bringing it to work is way faster than going out and ordering food).

7. They’re never at their desks at break time


One of the most important things that healthy people do is get away from their desks. When it is break time, they make a point of walking around to get their bodies moving. Far too often we find ourselves sitting at our computers for hours on end. Not only is this sitting posture bad for our digestion, it can also cause adverse effects on our muscular and skeletal system. Walking around stimulates blood flow, stretches the muscles, and wakes your tired body from its mechanical state.

8. They go outside

lunch5Healthy people go outside as much as possible. They go for a walk, soak up some sun, or even read a book outside. Getting out into the natural light and fresh air gives you a boost in your immunity, Vitamin D, and makes you happier all around. The change in scenery, break to routine, and opportunity to chill out a bit does wonders for productivity and overall happiness too.

9. They leave their work phone at their desk

Healthy people appreciate the fact that there needs to be some time away from work on their break. They leave their office phone either on their desk or in the bag and refrain from checking it all the time. This gives the mind an opportunity to unwind and release some of the stresses that accumulated earlier that day.

10. They know how to unwind

lunch10Eating healthy and exercising are great ways to stay in good shape, but healthy people take care as to relax their mind as well. Practicing different stress reduction methods including meditation, yoga, and deep breathing helps these people stay calm, reduce stress, and promote a better sense of overall well being.


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