What You Need To Know About Online Dating

With upwards of 40 million people using online dating in the United States alone, it is not hard to see how this is becoming one of the top ways people are meeting their partners.00_online_dating

Recent studies indicate that now upwards of 35% of all heterosexual marriages start online. For same sex couples, this number is nearly doubled. Some people are more optimistic than others. One of the issues with online dating is that it creates a mentality of “window shopping”. People flip through albums of available bachelors and bachelorettes and judge compatibility by a profile picture.

Another drawback associated with online dating surrounds the idea of fake or exaggerated identities. Some people even use outdated or enhanced photos to try to hide their current physical appearance. More extreme complaints about online dating include stalking and harassment from people on sites.

Still, it doesn’t look the online dating world isn’t going anywhere any time soon. People like the convenience of being able to search for a future mate while sitting on the couch in their pyjamas. Others really like the sorting feature that many sites offer which allows a person to sift through profiles and highlight those which are most compatible with their own. In many ways, people feel like it saves time by narrowing down searches to people who meet a particular set of criteria instead of trying to go out and meet via other means. Geography is also less of a burden as it was before. Our search radius can increase globally if we want, and we aren’t therefore restricted to the fish in our part of the sea- shall we say. People who meet online also spend much less time dating before marriage than people who meet offline.

With more and more sites popping up, one of the keys to keys to finding true love is doing your research and choosing a reputable matchmaking company that you feel comfortable with. After all, this is a multi billion-dollar industry with millions of users worldwide. Window shop the sites before you start shopping for your mate.


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